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Monday, May 27, 2013

Hair Bows and Do-Dads...

So the hair style I always ask for at the salon is "Whatever I don't have to spend time on".
I don't like having to fix hair, mess with it, etc.
I am just fine with bobby pins and hair ties to keep it off my face and out of my way.
But. now that I have a little girl......with curls!!!.....I am having a grand old time playing with her hair!
Look at those curls!
And if anyone has ever played with a 15 month old's hair, you know it is not a quick stick-it-up-and-be-done thing!
You have to comb out the rat's nest from the night before, grab the 10-12 strands of hair to put in a configuration, wrap a hair tie around at least 23 times, clip a bow in the right place, then keep her hands off of it for the hour you need her to look presentable (and not eat said hair do-dads), just to repeat the whole thing every couple hours when the 10-12 strands of hair fall out of the appropriate outfit-matching do-dad.
Good thing it looks so cute!  Sort of makes the whole ordeal worth while....
The "Pebbles" look is one of my favorites! 
But the side bow is definitely a top contender....  
Good thing Landon's hair is so it and be done!

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